Farewell Satanist Blogosphere

It has been a long time since posting to this site. I am now an Anthropology honor’s student at a university in the southwest United States. I plan to transfer to another university in the state in about a year and a half to double major in Religious Studies as well. Beyond that, I plan to apply to a private graduate university to specialize in ‘Critical and Comparative Scriptures’. I don’t consider myself a Satanist anymore, and have little interest in the “LHP” perspective. It’s all stale to me.

This entry serves to let any visitors know that I do not plan on posting to this blog anymore, though I will keep the entries up. I just hope visitors will recognize that quite a few of the opinions and views described on this blog no longer apply to me. Though, I still roll my eyes at JoS and anyone else who believes in the nonsense I have written about in regard to their teachings. This includes the posts on the Al Jilwah, “Ancient Satanism”, and the two posts on the Lesser Key & it’s origins. I am, after all, an anthropology student, and that’s what anthropologists do – dig until they can more wholly comprehend the how’s and why’s of human beliefs and culture. Perhaps I will expand upon this stuff further in the future.

To any of the JoS people who have wished for my blog’s closure because it criticizes their organization I will say this:

Your organization means nothing to me. Any curses which you might be capable of have no effect on me. My personal success keeps growing as the years pass and I am happier now than I have ever been. My future is infinitely bright.
Poor Maxine will never be happy. I feel sorry for her children, who have to endure her abuse and indoctrination. The last I knew of them, they were living in abject poverty. I view it as an appropriate example of where their beliefs have gotten them. Andrea and her husband will die with nothing to show for themselves.

For now, I will leave it at that.

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The truth about Satan’s demons Pt II – Johann Weyer, Witchcraft, and My Final Conclusion

Who was Johan Weyer? What did his life say about his character? Most importantly, what influenced him in his publication of the Praestigiis Daemonum, and the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum?

After having learned more about him, I can be sure of one thing: His actions, magical career, and political activism made it possible for the proceeding generations to practice the esoteric arts.
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The truth about Satan’s demons, Pt I – Livre des esperitz & Pseudomonarchia dæmonum

Nah, why would we actually look up information when we can just utilize a surface-deep interpretation to suit our agenda?

*This is a two part series. Please read both of these entries in order to see the whole picture*

A certain group of Satanists, which I have addressed before, somehow managed to convince their adherents that the spirits of the Goetia are some how demons. Which begs the question: Did the author of such nonsense even bother to read Ars Goetia, or look into the long-standing tradition of such works?

Evidently, none of these people have done any significant work with ceremonial magic. Though one could discount this claim just by talking to an experienced ceremonial magician about Goetic magic, I want to take things a few steps further. Naturally. I’ll explore this topic in these next two essays.
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What is ‘True Satanism’ ?

“True scholarship consists in knowing not what things exist, but what they mean; it is not memory but judgement.” – James Russell Lowell

What is ‘True Satanism’? What type of people does it attract? Is there one right way? I’m not entirely sure.

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Sin City Satanism Hits It Big! Sort of… [8/15 Update]

I’ve been looking at some of the search terms that people have used in google to find my blog. Some are a bit unusual like “homoflexible theistic satanist”. Of course, there are also variations on ‘Satanism in Las Vegas’. Others, particularly the issues which I want to stress, are doing very well in the rankings! Here are a few relevant ones.

  • ‘Joy Of Satan exposed’ – Pg 1, #4 in rank
  • ‘Satan in sanskrit’ – Pg 1, #5 in rank
  • ‘Satanist’ – No longer in the first three pages
  • ‘Ancient Satanism’ – Pg 3, #3 in rank
  • ‘The Al Jilwah’ – Pg 2, #1 & 2 in rank
  • ‘Satanism predates Christianity’ – Pg 1, #5
  • ‘Al Jilwah’ – Pg 2, #2 & 3 in rank
  • Joy Of Satan’ – Pg 1, #4


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Unpopular Opinions Pt II: Your Satanism Sucks

The title of this article was meant to be provocative and the subject matter is meant to challenge views. Don’t get all uppity. I’m just playing the ‘devil’s advocate’, so to speak.
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Unpopular Opinions: Pt I – Origins

There are several reasons why I stopped identifying with Satanism. Mostly it has to do with the fact that I don’t identify with most Satanists to begin with. I’ve found that the large amount of Satanists and otherwise ‘Left Hand Path’ers’ have a significantly smaller comfort zone in their spirituality. Which is curious because, as I mentioned in an earlier post adressing the Joy Of Satan, I wholeheartedly believe that going outside of your comfort zone for the sake of growth and enlightenment to be fundamental to Satanism no matter your theology or lack thereof.

I’ve argued many of my points to people in Satanism to be met with “This is just what I believe. You can believe whatever you want.” Let it be known that I wholly reject this as a legitimate defense against scrutiny. Is Theistic Satanism being reduced to a bunch of pseudo-Pagans who only wish to find a comfortable little box to throw stones against Christianity and other Abrahamic faiths? Seems like it. \

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An Open Letter To The Joy Of Satan

For those of you following this blog who are not completely familiar with the inner workings of Satanism and aren’t aware of the organization of which I’m speaking, here is the website.

Joy Of Satan, I’ll be up front with you: You are a very deeply flawed organization. This is widely known, and I’m sure I’m not the first one to say it. Neither will I be the last. Nevertheless, I appreciate the fact that your organization has served as a springboard for new Satanists of all ages to bigger and better things. It’s sort of a rite of passage to say “Well, I started of in J.o.S…”. It’s something we all can relate to.

Needless to say, I think you have a few huge problems and a huge need t fix or at least address them. Now, look, I realize that many of your members dislike criticism. This is a fact that I myself have experienced in trying to have intellectual conversation and debate with many self-identified Joy Of Satan members. We all hate being called out for our shortcomings, but it’s a necessary part of growth and evolution. As Satanists, we are obligated to step outside our comfort zone – hence “darkness”. If you’re not willing to do this, what kind of image are you projecting? Can you properly call yourself a Satanist? Continue reading

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You Rage, You Lose: The Inevitable Change

Let me be clear: I don’t like Anton LaVey or most of the philosophies presented in the Satanic Bible, and I certainly don’t like his fanboys who continue to perpetuate his own delusions of grandeur. They justify this with multiple anecdotes and quotes from The Satanic Bible, but I’m not going to waste my time explaining why I don’t agree with them. The Church Of Satan is a private organization, so they can do and say whatever they want, and their fanboys can follow suit. (Often there’s an issue here of being able to criticize each other in a constructive way, and act like mature adults. I won’t get into that either.) Whether or not they want to recognize Theistic Satanists as such is their own decision, but it doesn’t take from the fact that we’re here.
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I’m a Satanist Furry. So what?

Me, in my fursuit at my old apartment in Texas. Disregard the messy table.

So what would you do if I told you I’m a Furry? Would you understand what that meant? Don’t worry, I’ve been at the receiving end of a lot hate for that. More so, actually, than what I’ve gotten for being a Satanist. It’s a funny story, really, how much of a parallel those two things have.
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