“Ancient” Roots Of Satanism, Pt I

Does Satanism predate Christianity? My short answer is no. By our modern definition, Satanism is a modern invention. That inclusive definition being: Anyone who reveres/worships Satan, by name, as their main deity (or archetype). It has only been since the turn of the 20th century that people started to worship or revere Satan as a positive force or entity. We can thank Anton LaVey for popularizing it. Any devil-worship preceding the publication of the Satanic Bible can be generalized as evil-worship. That is, since a positive image of the modern biblical Satan had not been popularized, everyone else would worshiping Satan in an evil, more biblically-minded sense.

It’s also worth mentioning that being called a “devil-worshiper” does not connotate worship of the Christian/Jewish/Muslim or any other religious malefactor. Devil is often a blanket term for anything seen as any given definition of evil or against a sect’s religious code. Even the Pagan gods were seen as devils and demons but it does not suggest that they are Satan himself. If I call a person a fox, I’m not literally suggesting they are a fox. That’s the beauty of language: Context.

Today’s Satanism, instead of the strictly Hedonistic and symbolic doctrine is quite diverse in practice and belief. All of them have Satan in common. That is what makes them Satanists. Unsurprisingly this also means for a lot of people that the culmination of everything non-christian is Satan -ism/-ic. They may also suggest that Satan is actually another deity (If Satan is actually another deity, why call your religion Satanism?). This is not only intellectually dishonest but incredibly vague.

The most popular response I get when inquiring is a reference to the generalization that Satan represents enlightenment and wisdom. So, by their logic, why shouldn’t all esoteric knowledge be included in Satanism? The issue here is semantics. Yes, wisdom and enlightenment are important, but redundancy is not. The important thing to remember is there are other categories which things fit into. If you were to call a Kemetic Pagan a Satanist, they would be insulted. If you are insisting that it is Satanism, that would be called Demonization. A little sensitivity is needed before you start blurting out supposed facts.

Is modern Satanism influenced by older religions? Yes, of course. Are older and non-Abrahamic religions Satanism? Not by this standard. Honestly, I have no idea why it matters in the first place. I see no shame in it being modern and I don’t need any validation from ancient predecessors.

More on this subject later…

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5 Responses to “Ancient” Roots Of Satanism, Pt I

  1. Tristen says:

    Hi! Glad to hear there another Theistic satanist in Nevada 🙂 I’m 16 nice blog.

  2. sarcoma says:

    First of all good day ,
    Ive just read your “letter” know that i. Support the jos. Cleregy and knowlage i get what your saying and to all respect i have no quarrel with your views. But with all due respect you should know that none of us has the same spiritual wave length and things can be differant between all of us. If you truly believe that satan or the powers of hell are there how can you not realize that there is communication between the cleregy and the powers. there are some parts of the black bok that has relevancy to the teachings

    • chaosgarden says:

      There are things that can be proven with academic research and intelligent analyses. JoS sucks at this and has never made a point to not suck. You are entitled to your own theology but not your own facts. One persons unverified personal gnosis does not make anything factually true or relevant. Spiritual wavelength has nothing to do with it.

    • chaosgarden says:

      Not to mention that I can tell the majority of writing on that site about magic comes from some one who has never practiced proper ceremonial magic and comes not from a desire to learn and grow as an individual but from a point of bias, namely Andrea’s narrow NeoNazi perspective.

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