I’m a Satanist Furry. So what?

Me, in my fursuit at my old apartment in Texas. Disregard the messy table.

So what would you do if I told you I’m a Furry? Would you understand what that meant? Don’t worry, I’ve been at the receiving end of a lot hate for that. More so, actually, than what I’ve gotten for being a Satanist. It’s a funny story, really, how much of a parallel those two things have.

Being a Furry, to me, has more to do with my arctic fox totem than anything or anyone else. I have a very deep connection that I wouldn’t be able to describe to anyone else. It just IS. Do I have a fursuit? Yes, of course. I’ve even included a picture of it above. I love costuming very much because it allows me to be ridiculously affectionate and outgoing – something that would be very disconcerting if I were to try in street clothes. Do I have sex in it (which is a typical question I get)? Hell no. Do you have any idea how hot it is in that thing? Even if I did, there’s weirder fetishes out there.

I went through my stage of being obsessed with the fandom and found myself turned off by the majority of the people in it. Why? Because we don’t actually have anything in common. I came into the fandom expecting everyone to have an animal/earth-centered spiritual ideals like I did at the time. I was wrong. In all actuality, being a Furry doesn’t mean shit as far as compatibility. Sure, a good portion of us have animals we closely relate to, are very friendly, like to hug, cuddle, and make animal-like gestures online but that’s where the similarity stops. The older, more diversely opinionated I get, the more cautious I get about associating with fellow Furries.

All too often the Furry fandom finds itself in the midst of bitter fighting over ridiculous insignificant matters that don’t mean anything in the long run. All of this because people spend too much time focusing on their place in the fandom rather than their place in real life.

Sound familiar?

One might say that Satanism has more to do with real life than being a Furry does. At first glance we fight for the same ideal which, in a nutshell, is the desire to break free from the present-day dogmatic choke-hold Christianity has on the world. We all have in common Satan, the adversary, the champion of personal will and freedom of thought. And we’re all pretty cool with gay, mixed raced, disabled, and other minority people, right? You should be laughing at this point.

If you were to take that label away from yourself for one moment and look at who you are, would you really have anything in common with very many people in Satanism? The stereotypes don’t fit everyone and we can’t be reduced to the vagueness of it anyways.

I often find myself at an awkward position in the Satanism online scene. I dislike Anton LaVey, and I think the Al-Jilwah has shit all to do with who/what Satan is. I can’t stand the majority of black metal, and I think church burnings are idiotic. What am I? I’m a registered socialist (SPUSA), vegetarian, feminist, drug policy reform advocate, retail worker, cat lover, and many, many other things. Satanism doesn’t define me as a person, and neither does being a Furry, so why are we always looking to make it that way? Now I understand the critics of Satanic Unity.

I was having a phone conversation with Diane Vera about this issue and she made some very good points about the underlying spiritual problem in the present-day Satanist scene. There are so many people today that wrap themselves so seriously in Satan/-ism that they forget who they are specifically. When you fixate yourself on something as broad as Satanism, you will find, just like I did with the Furry fandom, that who you are underneath the label has little in common with the vast majority of people. The end result of this is all the bitter in-fighting we know and love oh so much today.

So what are we to do? Any suggestions? Feel free to link to this post on your blog with your own thoughts on the subject.

I’m aware that this could possibly show up on searches and will be attacked by Christians demonizing Furries. If you go on to associate Satanism with being a Furry because of this post then you’re a moron. Go read a book.

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6 Responses to I’m a Satanist Furry. So what?

  1. SIN says:

    That’s funny. I never would have pegged you for a Furry. You are full of surprises!

    I know my fair share that I met at a local club that I frequent. Funny thing is, people get so caught up with the Furry persona that they forget that there’s a real person in that costume. When I post pictures of me with my Furry friends, it’s all “Oh Sin! I never thought you would associate with ‘those’ people!” It’s telling really, it just proves that people who claim to know me, don’t really know shit about me. If they did, they wouldn’t make such an absurd comment. I’m not a bigot, nor do I close myself off from people in general. I make friends with all types of people, no matter what their personal philosophy and/or religion is.

    I think the fixation on Satanism in general is an Internet phenomena. There is no real ‘Satanist-scene’. In the meat world, it’s rarely a ‘thing’ or a fixation for that matter. If people are interested in my paradigm, I’ll answer their questions. Aside that? People are generally more interested in the person vs. identifying them with their religious persuasion. Sure, people get caught up in language semantics but at the end of the day, I think we are all striving towards the same things but in our own unique ways.

    If you want to have effective communication online, then start some worthy discussions that people are interested in. Discussing Satanism exclusively, is boring and un-original. I prefer to discuss the issues, and exploring approach. My magazine is simply one avenue to embark upon diversity in opinion and approach.

    This is the Fall edition, perhaps you might write an article for the Winter edition?

  2. Faygo says:

    I just now found this website.. I too am a Satanist furry.. of course.. I’m 15 so I suppose my opinions don’t matter -.-
    I think you have an ADORABLE fursuit! I’m so envious! .. I cant get one but I would sooo want one..
    anyways.. your so awesome! its probably a near impossibility to find other satanic furs..
    though I guess I haven’t checked FA too much for them..
    anyways still.. I look up to you!!!

  3. Jake Brown says:

    I am sure that I am going to regret posting this because of the ignorance that WILL be posted here but I feel I should get this out there.The fact is people as a species are ignorant,violent,destructive,segragational,and oppressive even of other humans as well as other speciestake cities for example yes they are ‘cool works of mankinds power over the earth’ but theyare also forced dominace(oppression) of ALL other creatures that lived there before humans came and forced them from their territory and made it unlivable for all but ourselves. Also humans fear what they do not understand so they intentionally seek out and target those who aren’t like themselves and try to make them feel inferior simply because that individual is different they can’t help it itis natural instincts but it is there inside of everyone no matter how deep you bury them those instincts are ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS be there and NO prison is impenetrable thus cuasing them to escape sometime or another

  4. Jake says:

    Forgot to post this but I STRONGLY believe that ANYONE is allowed to believe what they want,act how they want,have ANY sexual preference they want,nd be whoever they want and act however they are going to and that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE has ANY right whatsoever to say otherwise. In short I don’t care what your beliefs/ideals/religion/whatever you wanna call em,sexual preferences, heritage is. WE ARE ALL CREATED EQUAL. HORN HAND \ _ /

  5. Mr. Keen says:

    So let’s see… your post has been up for nearly three years now, you’ve received exactly five comments including this one and you STILL haven’t been “attacked by Christians demonizing Furries”. If you’re truly on a “quest for scholarly integrity”, you need to sit down and take a good long look at your personal prejudices against Christianity because that scalding wave of criticism you were predicting simply hasn’t materialzed.

    • chaosgarden says:

      Honestly I haven’t posted on here for that long for a reason. I’m not a Satanist anymore. The concept is ridiculous to me. I’m now an Anthropology honor’s student at a university in New Mexico. I don’t plan on posting to this site anymore. I only keep it up because the JoS post and a couple others have gotten quite a lot of attention. If I were to write them now, I would have done it differently, especially considering the new perspectives I’ve learned as an Anthropology major.

      In all seriousness, young Christians used to demonize furries in, say, 2010. I can understand why one wouldn’t know that unless they were in the fandom at the time. That’s likely what I was referring to, so have some crackers with that wine.

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