An Open Letter To The Joy Of Satan

For those of you following this blog who are not completely familiar with the inner workings of Satanism and aren’t aware of the organization of which I’m speaking, here is the website.

Joy Of Satan, I’ll be up front with you: You are a very deeply flawed organization. This is widely known, and I’m sure I’m not the first one to say it. Neither will I be the last. Nevertheless, I appreciate the fact that your organization has served as a springboard for new Satanists of all ages to bigger and better things. It’s sort of a rite of passage to say “Well, I started of in J.o.S…”. It’s something we all can relate to.

Needless to say, I think you have a few huge problems and a huge need t fix or at least address them. Now, look, I realize that many of your members dislike criticism. This is a fact that I myself have experienced in trying to have intellectual conversation and debate with many self-identified Joy Of Satan members. We all hate being called out for our shortcomings, but it’s a necessary part of growth and evolution. As Satanists, we are obligated to step outside our comfort zone – hence “darkness”. If you’re not willing to do this, what kind of image are you projecting? Can you properly call yourself a Satanist?

One of the first thing people notice is the large amount of information. You spend quite a few pages arguing a specific point of view. Where is this information coming from? Does it have any credibility, and can it be proved? I’ve already spent time and a half deconstructing the argument of whether or not the Al Jilwah is Satanic. It’s not. Do you want to argue about it? I’d love to because I have proof that it’s not. I’ve also explored whether or not Satanism is supposedly from the far east. By all linguistic, anthropological, and historical standards that I’ve found so far, it’s not. Do you still think that the Goetic spirits are Satan’s demons? Nope and nope.

There’s large amounts of people debating whether or not academia is compatible with the occult, and spirituality in general. I agree with points on both sides of the argument. No matter what my feelings about that are, I think it is very beneficial to be able to be aware of the roots from which we grow our theologies. There are things that can be proven with science.

Joy Of Satan, you have a responsibility to hold yourself to a higher intellectual standard. As a resource of information for Satanists – no matter if it is true or false – you have the responsibility to back up your claims with references to wherever you got your information from. If you don’t, you are abdicating your duty as a Satanist to hold yourself to a higher standard than the “Abrahamic” faiths you so hate.

I’m gonna give it to you straight, J.o.S. If you’re not willing to put a bibliography on your site, then any information you put up should be considered dubious at best. And you should be willing to say so. I find it astounding that, time and time again, young, vulnerable and normally precocious individuals come into your organization only to abandon their critical thinking skills. It might be time consuming to look up facts, but it’s worth it. If you’re not willing to spend time finding out the truth, then an individual shouldn’t be a Satanist. Go somewhere else for indoctrination.

There’s a reason why your organization has a high turnover rate, and it’s not because mainstream religion hard to debunk. Granted, they’ve been doing this for a long time so they’ve had quite a while to develop more effective arguments to win people over. However, Satanism doesn’t and shouldn’t work like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, et al. We should be striving for quality, not quantity. If a person is not able to present a logical, intellectual argument for what they supposedly believe in, then there is something wrong with their belief. Telling a person to look it up themselves should not be your first answer, and telling them to ask the Gods shouldn’t be your second. This shouldn’t even be in your arsenal at all.

Let me ask you some hypothetical questions. How do you define your relationship with your gods? How do you interact with them? Are you aware how the human mind works in these cases? How can you be sure of the information you are receiving from your gods is factually true?

My problem with the approach I’ve seen of many J.o.S members is the way it’s been put. “Go look it up yourself if you don’t believe me. If you do the research then you’ll find out it’s true.” or they’ll say something that is incredibly vague like “The evidence points to…”. What’s even better is that they’ll use “evidence” that is totally irrelevant and non-academic. If you’ve got something to prove, then do so. If you can’t prove it, don’t pretend it’s the absolute truth and don’t evangelize others by saying it is. If you dare promote a culture of willful ignorance then you are no better than your  enemies.

I’m going to assume you’re familiar with various arguments that deconstruct various stereotypical Judeo-Christian beliefs. I’m also going to assume that you think they are just as ridiculous as I do and are boggled as to how some one would be so quick to assume anything a deity (or holy book) tells them. Perhaps you just save this for Jehovah or Allah, because all of the J.o.S members I have ever interacted with have suggested that I “ask the gods” whether or not a demonstrable, provable fact is true.

As one of the largest, and well known groups in Theistic Satanism, you have a responsibility to not only hold yourself to a higher spiritual standard, but to enforce it in your membership. This is not to say you should tell people that one way is wrong while yours is right, but you should encourage a more realistic skepticism as to how you interact with your gods. But don’t take it from me, even Diane Vera has written about this several times on her website. She writes:

I simply mean the art of thinking deeply and clearly. We theistic Satanists do not need to embrace any one particular ideology, but we do need a coherent understanding of whatever we do believe and why we believe it…. I should disclaim that I am no expert on philosophy. However, I’m a philosophically-inclined person. And I’ve run into many Satanists who urgently need to learn how to think more deeply and clearly than they now do, both for their own sake and so that we all will be taken more seriously as a real religion.

I myself have gotten more than a bit tired of these things, despite my ongoing desire to connect with different types of Satanists. If for nothing else, I do it just to network. I can be tolerant to a fault, but I’m not passive in my convictions. With all of this having been said, I’ve tried to present these arguments to many of your members only to be met with hostility. I’ve also met many people who give up on relations with your organization because of this refusal to have a rational argument. If you want to be taken seriously, if you want anything you have to say to be taken seriously, you have a responsibility to to be realistic and rational in your interactions with everyone else in Satanism. This means, among other things, that you need to stop the ad hominem attacks – as well as attacks of any other kind – against anyone who disagrees with you or whom you see as a threat to your holier-than-thou sense of entitlement.

I’m not expecting you to do anything constructive in response to this. What I am expecting are the usual immature tactics I’ve seen for years now. Will you rise above that finally? I will say this: If you fail to make changes to present yourself as an intelligent, articulate, and mature organization, you will fall into the cesspool as the bar continues to rise. Good luck.

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91 Responses to An Open Letter To The Joy Of Satan

  1. While I don’t interact with the JoS, I have had these issues with other people when confronting them on subject matters such as this only to be met with the same attitudes/responses so I know where your frustration is coming from. If a person or group wishes to impart information of ANY kind on another person or group the they should also be aware that VERIFYING said information not only strengthen’s the persons STANCE but it also allows the ‘student’, if you will, to be able to not only rely on the validity of it but, should they choose to, also expand on it. It is NOT the students job to back up what the teacher says, it is the teachers job to present their lessons in such a way, and with such accreditation that they themselves don’t appear to have a “I said it therefore it must be true” tone to their egotistical self. I look at these people like ‘no, you brought it up, now you BACK it up or I ignore ANYTHING you have to say and just keep walking my own way as I have for years” NO ONE joins an Order, Temple, Group etc… to be told to “look things up” and “ask the gods” (granted that is not to say one should NEVER do things on their own, just that the less knowledgeable tend to not know where to look which is why they joined the Order, Temple, Group etc… to begin with) every time they have the nerve to debate or question something. Such attitudes impede not only the growth of the individual themselves but also staunches the intellectual integrity of the Order over all. The way you get depth into ANY organization is by have MANY differing views and opinions on ALL subject matter INCLUDING RELIGION, Only by exploring each individuals standpoint do we as a GROUP move forward. This is the reason the Occult and Satanism is as vast as it is because while there may be a common ground of sorts there is also more than one person and one personality type walking said ground. We all come into this with our own ways of thinking and that should be ENCOURAGED not CHOKED OUT by the ego’s of those who refuse to look beyond themselves and their own thought processes! Jmho…. AVE LEVIATHAN!

  2. I stumbled across your blog today and I must say, I do really love your mind. Whether or not we agree on everything aside, I would love to link to your blog on my site! is the address. Let me know if you’re alright with that and if so, would you please link to mine as well? Gosh, I feel like I’m leaving spam.. so I’m sorry for that.

    I agree on your point about JoS. I recall my first thought upon reading the site was that they needed to post the source of their information. I liked how the site got me thinking but I certainly wouldn’t consider it the epitome of critical thinking either. I guess it’s like the gateway drug for theistic satanism.

    • chaosgarden says:

      A gateway drug. Hah! I haven’t heard of it put quite that way.

      To be honest, I’m not sure if I can properly call myself a Satanist anymore for a few different reasons. Mostly I can’t stand to be involved with so many megalomaniacs, hypocrites, and the big ASL circle jerk that is atheistic Satanism. The new year has brought a lot of change for me. I did check out your blog and it’s quite fascinating. Feel free to link to my blog, though I can’t make any promises as far as new material goes. I’ll link to yours as well.

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  4. I have no great sympathy for JoS, especially their neo-Nazi affiliations. But does it really matter if their use of Yezidism is historically accurate or not? My attitude to these matters is one of pragmatism – if an idea is useful to me, I will adopt it, from wherever it comes (even JoS); if it is not useful to me, I will disregard it. If some form of mythology is personally useful in one’s spiritual practice, does it really matter if it originated twenty years ago or two thousand years ago? I have not explored Yezidi texts or imagery or symbolism in any great depth, although I might in the future. My immediate impression is that it probably will not appeal to me, whether we are talking about authentic Yezidism, or Yezidism viewed through some distorted Western filter (of which JoS may be accused); but I may change my mind upon further investigation.

    • chaosgarden says:

      My issue with this is that they think the Yezidi people are Satanists because Anton LaVey, who misread Isya Joseph’s book, was shit at research. They’re not Satanists or “Satanic”, and I’m tired of them assuming so for bogus reasons that any one of them can debunk if they look hard enough. I’ve written an entry on this if you go back a few. I used to consider myself a Chaote so I can appreciate your sentiment, but I can’t condone some one marginalizing an entire culture when said culture has even spoken out about it. The JoS is a bunch of anti-intellectual claptrap.

      • You raise a good point about marginalisation, although I assume that being Nazis, the thought of contributing to the marginalisation of a relatively obscure Middle Eastern minority would not bother them in the slightest.

        Do you see any similarities to the history of Wicca? Many consider Gardner’s claims to be reviving an ancient religion to be historically untenable. How do Wiccans respond? Some insist on the historical accuracy of his claims, even in the presence of contrary arguments. Others will admit that Gardner made a lot of it up, but then are happy to go on being Wiccans. Some will see the Dianic assumption of an ancient matriarchial culture as a similar story. Are either of these cases that dissimilar from JoS? The pragmatist in me is attracted to the “who cares if it is made up” position. In my view, the fact that people in the present believe in an idea, endows it with a certain power, which one might draw upon; and that power remains even if the idea is not historically valid.

      • chaosgarden says:

        I’ve argued with people about this before and it’s somewhat of a good point, theologically speaking. Apparently, there’s evidence from a huge documentary coming out to prove that Jesus was made up completely. Yet does that dismiss the power of the character and his relatability. (I had to make up that word, forgive me). Not at all. However, it’s important to call out bullshit when you see it. It’s one thing to say “I believe in this. This is important to my religion.” but it’s one thing to completely make up supporting evidence – and call it the absolute truth, to boot – when it can be easily proved otherwise as this can.

  5. Heavy Metal666 says:

    I am leaving these deluded idiots!

    They are racist Nazis and though they deny being racist, if you read the HPs sermons its quite obvious they are racist!

    Remember the JoS is a white supremist cult! They really pissed me off!

    Find Satan elsewhere because the JoS arent true Satanists!!

    Now Im going to listen to death metal to help me calm down lol

    If you’re new to Satanism like I am, STAY AWAY FROM JOS!!!

    Anyway I liked this article!

    • Lady Angeress says:

      Hey I left them long ago when I found out who this IdiotWoman was married too. JoS is just a recruiting ground for NeoNazis

  6. Jack Davis says:

    Satanism was created in 1966 in San Francisco, anyone who does not follow the original religion as codified by its creator is not a Satanist and this includes you, also on the JOS being racist…what is wrong with that?

    you have mexicans and blacks all over Vegas, they have destroyed the city, they have late parties all night and trash up any area they invade and most of them (and by them I mean mexicans here) are illegals and do drugs, I am so grateful that they are not here yet in BC.

    have a nice day.

  7. Hi Heavy! I am so happy i bumped into this site! Your post has helped me quite a bit, i recently was directed to JoS by someone and i am quite interested in Satanism, but the whole nazi-related thing is a complete turn off! Like you, i am very very new to Satanism, i discovered this only two nights ago, so, here i am asking for a bit of guidance. If anyone here would kindly ‘guide’ me to where i could find information WITH proof of all their writings, i would very much appreciate this! I have tried to read the JoS site but there are too many discrepancies and contradictions that stand out, although i do believe that it is up to us individually to aquire knowledge to empower ourselves so that we may live a satisfactory life. In that aspect, JoS hit a few things on the head for me, but, that does not necessarily mean i’m about to jump in the boat with them. There has to be a site for Satanism that is much more concrete that JoS. I will be searching, as i love to do this, researching is what i love to do, especially when it comes to adding to my knowledge,, nothing makes me happier.
    I want to thank any and all who can help me further my knowledge of Satanism.

    • chaosgarden says:

      Diane Vera does a good job on her website ( with at least rationality. She’s also moderately left wing, if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s been a while since I’ve been there but I think she at least tries to include sources in her stuff. Otherwise, it’s pretty much up to you to verify the info. Good luck.

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  9. godwin says:

    satanism is good. i joy it real. bcos everything on earth was own by lucifer. if anybody follow you by given his soul to lucifer, by step you give in your site. what we happen after given his soul? can the lord lucifer make him rich for doing that? because people like to give out there soul to become rich and wealth, but they don’t have money to pay because they are so poor. i need an answer for this pls’ mail me back urgently.

  10. I can’t stand JOS for the simple fact alone that they went from a qauzy “psychic experienced based” satanist group to a extremely racist Nazi group because the owners husband (or whatever he is to her) is racist so she adopted his ideology (I won’t get into how historically this makes no damn sense at all, not even to the energies they claim to still work with considering their historical origin).

    While I don’t consider my self a satanist, I do work with entities people consider Satanic (which I don’t at all never have) in a shamanic/ philosophical/spiritual/archetypal stance, and do a great deal of work to back up what I get -and if I can prove those roots then I say so threw evidence, if I can’t I say so.

    JOS has never done that, and your right they are hostile about it, even exclusive about their experiences at times with these energies with others, even though others also work with these forms -when these things/being/archatypes aren’t exclusive themselves.

    I would love a site that balances both the spiritual as well as scientific and archetypal notions of these entities -and JOS has never met that bar. So good on you for sharing this. x

  11. max says:

    I’ve been reading and studying j.o.s for a while now and still dnt get anywhere, I’ve been searching everywhere for a decent teacher to help me to truely become a satinist but to no avail, and it feels like I’m stuck between nowhere and nothing, so where can I find a sight or better yet someone willing to help me correctly?

    • chaosgarden says:

      If I can be honest with you, don’t waste your time. Don’t limit yourself to one paradigm. Satanism is rife with losers and degenerates, and you’ll be lucky to learn much of anything.

  12. AngryWoman says:

    The best thing to do with the Jos is ignore them completely if you do not support their stance, and I have done this due to the extreme Anti Semitic filth. Strange thing about that woman who calls herself Maxine Dietrich is that she is not completely ‘aryan’ herself, she is part Native American and to the real NeoNazis out there she would be classed as ‘inferior’ due to this. She is too much in awe of her ugly and hideous husband Clifford Herrington, and remember this, if you click on to her websites you are generating income for facists. I do not want to do this, and the best way to defeat them is ignore them completely and give them no oxygen of publicity.
    The JoS has stolen all the materials from various books and websites, and that is a known fact but remember this cult will only thrive if people talk about them, and has anyone noticed that this Bitch has gone extremely Nazi in her beliefs ever since she was outed as being a sympathieser. Another thing that is for concern is that the forum that this organisation has, talks openly about doing death rituals against Jews a lot. The JoS is scum, and what I really hopes happens is that her actual photograph is shown to all and sundry on the Internet, this will really be great and what I know is that Maxine is a woman in her early 50’s. Please, please, please someone do this but here is a link worth reading up on.

    • chaosgarden says:

      Thank you for the website. I’ve saved the information. As for ignoring them, I disagree. They need to be called out for their bullshit so other people will not make the mistake of associating with them.

  13. AngryWoman says:!/groups/385084751636065/

    A good FaceBook page I have created cos I feel strongly about Hate masquerading as an Occult Group

  14. Magisteress says:

    Here is a forum for anyone who hates the JoS, and hey to read old posts just go to the members lists and find all their old posts. It is about time that Satanist/Occultists who HATE neonazi bullshit had a voice of there own.

    • chaosgarden says:

      It’s probably not the best idea to make a forum around that alone. However what you can do is use the information on my website when you confront them.

      • Magisteress says:

        Where can I do this, is it on this page alone or are you creating a new webpage to expose this vermin. I personally will not visit the JoS website because going into that page will give money to the Herringtons (I do not fund facists!) and also makes me feel as if I was the one who was herding those helpless Holocaust victims into the gas chambers, etc. If I were going to visit that website, I will only go to the Internet Archive because NO money goes into the pockets of the Herringtons.

      • chaosgarden says:

        I mean to say that if you ever encounter them on the internet, whether on some other forum or site, feel free to use the information on my blog and link to it if you wish.

  15. Magisteress says:

    Thanks Chaos, but what I will say is that the forum I have posted has some great threads in it. I know it is invisible to lurkers, but it was the way the admin did it and he by the way was former HP Dann. Venus Satanas, NaziKIller, and a host of other are there too, but if you want to have a scream reading the real truth about the Joy of Satan. What you do is register and immediately you will become a member, then what you do is go to the member list and click on a member who has a fair amount of posts, (I am Magisteress over there LOL) and then you will be directed to their profile. Afterwards what you do is click on ‘find all topics by this member’ and afterwards you will be able to enjoy all the vintage threads.
    As for me, I am appalled to learn that Maxine gave out sex advice to a 11 year old girl in her Teens for Satan yahoo page, and she was very graphic (talking about cock size, etc!). She is grooming the teens and they are saying that she has sex with the teens and Cliffy has been done for molestion against a 15 yr old via a Satanic ritual. Oh loads have known and seen her, and they all say she is not white, etc. A scream of a forum really LOL

    • chaosgarden says:

      I have little desire to be a part of the JoS forum. I already have an idea of what it contains. Everyone knows about Maxine and her perversity. There are screencaps on the web of it. It’s also no secret that the JoS only became NeoNazi after she married Cliff. It’s whatever. I’m more concerned with the misinformation and willful ignorance they spread.

      • Magisteress says:

        I understand how you feel but others (like me LOL) will love to read the real gossip. Hey I thought another reason he was kicked out of the NSM was that he married a non white like Maxine Dietrich.
        Seriously those medidations are dangerous and can cause harm than good, this is a known fact which needs to be discussed in depth and detail here Chaos. She has re-arranged a lot of genuine wordings to suit her agenda but I am worried for those teens cos if they have tried her medidations, they may end up insane. Maybe that is her agenda

      • chaosgarden says:

        It’s no doubt she’s re-arranged to suit her agenda. That’s the entirety of the website, lol. She has no real knowledge of anything. I’m not afraid of those little kids. Even as a neophyte I know more about ceremonial magic, kabalah, and energywork.
        And I don’t think the meditations are dangerous as far as I’ve seen. It relies mostly on visualizations and appeals to their “demons” and Gods. Baw-ring

  16. Former JoS follower says:

    A Yahoo Group for loads to join IF YOU are angry with the bullshit and NeoNazi crap from the JoS. I have been monitoring those groups and I am proud to say I am BANNED LOL. I was brainwashed into thinking that this woman was someone knowledgeable but after reading that website about the real face of Andrea Herrington, it has made me realize that I am following a Charlatan. How dare she use the name of Satan for her filthy agenda and I feel sick that someone like her is mocking the Holocaust. She is a disgrace to womanhood and I hope that lots of people will walk away from that disgusting cult.

    • chaosgarden says:

      They’ll continue for as long as the site is up and beyond. Their passion is what attracts people but, of course, passion doesn’t get you far without critical thinking. Unfortunately people aren’t always inclined that way until some one speaks up against the status quo.

  17. Ian Long says:

    First, I would like to thank you for YOUR prospective. However you are missing the point of WHY we as Satanist tell others to look things up; and to seek the true Gods for insight. It is for them to impart wisdom unto them self’s by seeking knowledge! This is there own responsibility! Our own path is what we make of it. Next you should look at the way you approach things. you use the term “argument” Why? This only shows an aggressive approach. Change only come from the inside. So please use your own time, space and energy to make changes. Lastly I would like to leave you with this last point. “Satan takes care of his own, He snaps us back in line”. Not you! An open forum is not to way to vent; this only show division, and weakens us.

    J.O.S Member
    Hail Satan

    • chaosgarden says:

      I reserve the right to be aggressive when anyone spouts anti-intellectual nonsense. You’re entitled to your own theology, but not your own facts. Im not going to be rude to your face or anything, I just think it’s ridiculous that you believe things which are demonstrably untrue and neglect your duty as a Satanist to be skeptical of the information you’re fed. Blind faith is an attribute of a slave.

      • Robert says:

        I hear a lot of noise, crying, and sophistry here but no provision of information that comes close to counteracting what JOS provides in most areas. You say be skeptical. I am. I say be the “intellectualism” that you keep naming (although you overuse and misuse the term in this context clearly as a bully word that is intended to substitute for valid rhetoric – calling someone anti-intellectual is about a valid an argument as calling them antisemitic and having that name be the core of your argument). Put up or link to what you have. I sincerely hope that it’s significant.

        I am also reading about a lot of conflicting beliefs that must cause you a lot of cognitive dissonance. As a Satanist, you’re worried about antisemitism? Your god is the literal and explicit enemy of Judaism. They do not and will never give you the same quarter. Your lack of courage is disgusting, and all of the weak brained, weak willed, and weak hearted individuals here pretty disgusting. I’m quite sure that another religion would be more appropriate for you,a s you obviously only associate with “Satanism” because you think it sounds cool rather than any legitimate belief rooted in traditional pagan practice. Fucking around with Lewin books and Jewish grimoires does not make you a satanist, it only makes you an insincere blowhard.

      • chaosgarden says:

        Rob, Rob, Rob. The funny thing about it is that all of you from the JOS spout the same talking points. You obviously didn’t read any of my blog posts properly because I have links to sources in every single one where I make significant claims. Ever wonder why the JOS doesn’t do this? It’s because all of it is based on anecdotal evidence. Go find me explicit and sound linguistic, archaelogical, anthropological evidence in an academic study or by an academic to prove it. Can’t? It’s okay. I’m sure you’ll find some excuse along the lines of “THE JEWZ ARE HIDING EVIDENCE!!”

        You can whine all you want. The JOS will always be sub-par. All talk, no scholarship. The really great thing about you is that every time you click on my site, my google ranking goes up. Keep it coming!

  18. ian long says:

    I understand that your approach is chaos, and that from chaos comes order. But your time, space and energy that you are applying is counter productive. It would appear you have forgotten that there is a war; and there is only two sides, were are you? You stated that “Im not going to be rude to your face or ANYTHING”. Yet it shows your even at odds with yourself, lacking the intestinal fortitude to control ones mind. Hence stating that I’m neglecting my duty as a Satanist and that I’m a SLAVE! You would be wise to stop; think, about the cost of such actions. There are others that are not so inclined to allow such attempts to cause division, and attempts to weakens us. Try the right approach to “correct”, then your courante course of action.

    J.O.S Member
    Hail Satan

    • chaosgarden says:

      I’m counter productive for posting on my own blog? Check your logic, there, and don’t assume you know my methods by my nickname used on this site. If you don’t like what I’ve put on my own blog, you are free to go elsewhere.
      Are you upset that I am telling you to be skeptical of the information you’re given? Quite sad, and telling that you would threaten some one who is saying you should hold yourself to a higher standard.
      Read the blog entry again, and again, and again until you really understand it.

      • ian long says:

        This is your blog, true. But I thought you were open to others views on the subject. Yes I did assume by your nickname, my fault. And yes I’m free to leave as well. No, I’m not upset for you telling myself as well as others to be skeptical of the information were given. I could not agree more. If my statement came across as threatening, then you missed the point. There are others, not me. I like the fact that we as Satanist can evolve to a higher form of Gods by seeking knowledge in all its forms. Not all that know the tree needs to be cut down at the roots are racist or Neo Nazis. We just can not afford to have it appear we are divided, and weak, save your energy’s for those that plot for our demises.

        J.O.S Member
        Hail Satan

      • chaosgarden says:

        Anti-intellectualism is my enemy here and I’m going to keep exposing faulty logic in the Satanist scene. I’m not afraid in the least.

  19. Truthtonn says:

    Hey go to the website EnkiEA if you are not a supporter of the JoS, and the other added bonus of that site is that they are NOT Nazi bastards and they are not plagarists (Maxine stole the medidations etc from various books). Another thing, my grandfather was involved in the liberation of Belsen and he saw the Holocaust for what it is THE TRUTH.

    • chaosgarden says:

      I like that site, though it leaves a lot to be desired. There’s quite a bit of difference between Sumerian paganism and what the jos does.

      • Chos what’s your web site

      • Robert says:

        You haven’t the foggiest idea about what historical Sumerian paganism actually entailed. You out yourself as a moron and an immense narcissist for even thinking as much. Also, keep using terms like “logic” without providing a bit of it. That also makes you look intelligent.

    • Lady Lakshmi says:

      Hey here is a new Yahoo Group for anyone who is sickened by the NeoNazi Bullshit by this JoS cult and hey I and many others are watching that woman very, very carefully. It is about time every hater of the JoS had a voice and I know that this old hag has been complaining to webhosts to have various blogs, forums shut down, but hey I have contacted the ADL and various other Antis and we will expose her face, name and address to all and sundry. So be careful with your tactics, and think about this, the JoS is dangerous cos some of those idiots (who are probably mentally ill due to those duff medidations) may actually go and kill a child because they did not like thier religion.
      Please, let us have strength in numbers and I know many who know who this Fraudster actually is. Absolute Hypocrite with a hog of a husband.
      I feel sick that I was once a member of their own Yahoo Groups, believed a little of thier crap but the final straw is they thought the death of children who happened to be Jewish was no big deal. I finally saw them for what they are and another thing, the JoS is not a magickal, satanic organisation, it is a Neo Nazi recruitment ground.

      • Robert says:

        Yes, yes…let’s be Satanists,…Just don’t offend the Jews!!!!!
        Your mind and heart are both too soft.

        “some of those idiots (who are probably mentally ill due to those duff medidations) may actually go and kill a child because they did not like thier religion.”


        Do you know what isn’t slander? Talking about the millions of pagan men, women, and children killed so that Jewish Christianity cold be installed in Europe in place of the traditional god(s) of European gentiles. Be sure to tell the ADL about that as well, bigot.

  20. Lady Angeress says:

    I am having a good arguement with a JoS follower, it has just started today but I feel it will be enjoyable for a while. Read and enjoy, but what drugs are these idiots on? A interesting format for a forum but it seems that the JoS wants to police the whole internet LOL.

  21. SIN says:

    Hey Chika! Been a minute.

    So, what you’re basically saying is that the JoS should conform to a Nomian view, and be more responsible with information? Maybe Maxine doesn’t share the same morality, most of the time she comes off amoral to me.

    Plus, isn’t it up to the individual to decide if the information has value (for better or worse)???

    Can you give me the single most vile piece of information you think is populated by the JoS and why?

    • chaosgarden says:

      Long time no see, Jones. I think she comes off as mostly irrational, rather than amoral since the site does appeal to some sense of morality against Christianity and Judaism. And, yes, be more responsible and use better evidence.
      The JOS is hostile to evidence contradicting their worldview. I’ve spoken to chaotes and discordians who have their own self-made paradigms and none of them evangelize others in the way this lot does. Chaotes leave room for opposing veiws and are willing to change something that doesn’t make sense. JOS? Not so much. My view: One is entitled to their own theology (etc) but not their own facts. If some one wants to believe something, then sure they can believe it but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to criticisms.
      Vile? I’d have to say that they openly advocate racism and antiquated views on “non-reproductive relationships”. Like this thread here:

      You’ll have to forgive me if I can’t respond right away. I’m using the internet from my phone.

      • SIN says:

        I see. Well, from my perspective I think all movements use a fair bit of rhetoric and mythos in order to populate ideas. ONA is another example of a fairly successful memetic wall.

        I can see why you would consider Racism vile, though to specific groups seeking to create a sort of ‘purity’ of form, it would be necessary. Some genuinely fear being ‘bred out’ so to speak, it may account for Maxine’s irrational thought process. Fear is a powerful thing, as you may very well know.

        I’ve debated with JoS members many times. When they feel they are losing the argument, the default Ad Hom strike is used. I was called a Kike and since I’m Italian with Mediterranean features, I was also called ‘Jew Nose’, lol. Didn’t bother me really, when people get so attached to their ideas, and feel them slipping away, they tend to react this way.

        I don’t really see the JoS changing their paradigm, as much as I see individual people changing their perspective on it. Countless ‘ex’ members speak of how valuable they found the JoS at one time as a resource, but then later became jaded by it because the Mythos got pretty redundant and boring to them. The JoS attracts a certain type of person, people grow and change, so I see the JoS as a useful tool to the Adept in that regard. I say, let them stay the way they are. They help people evolve mentally and emotionally, in my opinion.

      • chaosgarden says:

        Any group promoting racism will never be deserving of respect, imo. And of course, it would be foolish to expect them to suddenly change. Andrea and her Nazi husband are getting older (Andrea being in her fifties) and are quite set in their ways. But, yes, most people move on when they get bored of the same old arguments.

  22. The Watcher says:

    I will never click on any weblink which has the energy of the JoS EVER!!! The reason is that the clicks are generating income for that Bstard Clifford Herrington and his stupid pathetic NSFM! That old hag is classed as ‘a mud’ by those Nazi nuts in the VNN and Stormfront forum and to read those BlackSun666 pages from this bitch is hilarious. Yeah use the info for your website against the JoS but I will warn you that she goes running to the webhost to complain. I and many others should do the same to AngelFire and all those medidations are STOLEN from a book called The Ancient Teachings of Begineers’ The old hag is very devious, cunning and more dangerous than her bastard husband, and if she were in someplace like Britian, she will be exposed all over the papers and we in The Socialist Worker will do everything to make her offline life difficult. She has no power whatsoever and this Father Satan diety is only a figment of her imagination and another thing, going into the JOS wants me to convert to Judiasm so I can have more of a reason to fight those bastards. Recently the JoS have created a forum and I am dismayed to see kids of colour joining, esp one who is active that is African American. Do they not know their own history and do they not know that one day, the JoS will target them after they have tired of their Jew Baiting? I felt sick going into there and I feel I cannot look a Jew in the eye after reading all that filth. If you are reading this Mageson666, you are a BASTARD!
    Maxine or whatever the fuck she calls herself, is a menace and for the record, Himmler would of classed her as an inferior wog and would of put her in a concentration camp too. I hate hypocrites and I hate plagiarists who steal work from decent sources for their own agenda. Yeah call me a Kike or whatever, at least I am for humanity and another thing you Jos Bastards if you are reading this, why did Nazi Germany lose the war if Father Satan was protecting them? That is the million dollar question and another thing, the Jews are part of a religion not a race got it! This bitch honestly needs to have her photo plastered over the net, right now and someone will do this, but that photo posted from someone is a photo of her from the past and you can see that she is no ‘Aryan’. The JoS is an organisation which is dangerous in some ways because the majority of the members are juvenile and in their fucked up minds due to the wrong medidations (which are no good) they can attack a child or something. For this reason alone, I do not give a shit whether the website is well constructed, has readable cut and paste jobs from other sources, etc.
    Do what I am doing, IGNORE them and avoid reading the website because it is publicity which is making the JoS thrive.

    • The Watcher says:

      Come talk to us in Sin City Facebook page for more info about the JoS idiots, and we can discuss in depth and detail the FRAUD that is the JOS

  23. Isrien says:

    Yikes. Okay. I’m 17. I started subscribing to the meditation/witchcraft/demon beliefs of the JoS, but I did my best to neglect the neo-nazi ideas to the best of my ability. I picked up a lot of their historical views, but everything seems all muddled and confusing now. I’ve been going through and performing their “empowerment” program meditations, which always leave me with a buzz in my body and make me feel very good, and I’ve been starting their “Spiritual Warfare” training guide for the sake of becoming capable of doing things with the occult, but is this information all wrong? I mean, so far all of the self-empowerment oriented things seem very successful and helped me deal with my depression. I’ve definitely gotten a sense of confidence, along with some arrogance. This arrogance comes from the self-reassurance that I can fix problems in my life with the occult, but I understand how dangerous that is if none of it is true. I’d really like to believe that everything that is promised in their witchcraft section is possible. I still at least believe in the idea of self empowerment, and I’d like to believe in the Gods that they do, but I don’t want to if it’s all just self-delusion, or thoughtforms or something similar. What other resources are there for my growth as a Satanist, and what information on the occult IS actually viable on the JoS website? I know not all of it is insane, since most skeptics only seem to focus on the neo-nazi aspects of it, and some actually give a little bit of credit to the occult aspects. I realize I should be doing my own research, but that just brought me to the JoS last time. Any sort of guidance or advice would be helpful, to say the least, because this just destroyed my utter confidence in them, and that’s obviously a relatively scary feeling. (Though, I’m trying to respond in an open-minded and rational way. It seems that at this point, I’m just asking what to believe, which just opens me up to the same trap that JoS allegedly operates on. Ugh. Life.)

  24. Michael kelley says:

    My name is Michael Kelley, I was and am still a member of the JoS forums including the JoS advanced meditation forum. I too have been slandered for conversations and seemingly “intellectual” debates. Of course a few of my old email accounts have been banned by mods other than Maxine and I still monitor them from time to time.

    I was going to ask if you could contact me via the email I am using. I have a friend who was also banned and I have lost contact with them. I would like to ask questions about them as well as ask some questions about better informational sources. (I like to learn new things). Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


  25. Sam says:

    I was looking on the jos website (im very new to Satanism) i was wondering are there any site i should trust? If so which ones?

  26. HellFire666 says:

    Clearly who ever wrote this article hasnt visited the website…all the work done by the High Priests and Priestesses is are in fact referenced. All you have to do is dig for yourself if its not clear to you what they speak about. is another good site for FACTUAL information. Try next. Know what you speak b4 opening your mouth. The clergy spends their free time studying and learning the FACTS and then they post them for us. You are hellbent on calling them idiots, and sheep, but you havent dedicated an ounce of time compaired to the years they spend digging up the TRUTH.

    • chaosgarden says:

      They show no mastery at all, in any subject. Not history, linguistics, nor anthropology. They are idiots and Maxine is delusional, probably mentally ill in some way. Whether they spend time looking up information on google to support their worldview says nothing about its veracity. None.

  27. Luna Draco says:

    Yesterday, I left JOS because they said I didn’t belong in satanism, because I have a little bit of Jewish in me. I asked if Satan accepted me, and they said not a chance. I am going through a really tough time right now. I had my whole life prepared for JOS satanism. But then They basically said that anyone who is not a satanist shouldn’t interact in spiritual occultism. They say that the occult belongs to satan, and that those who aren’t dedicated satanists, are not welcome in it. What about the Wiccans and Bhudists and all the other pagans? What about everyone else in the universe? I respect most of their methods of meditation, but I don’t see myself going back anytime soon. Thanks!

    • chaosgarden says:

      Trust me, you are better without it. In reality, all of the dichotomy is just made up constructs to serve the ends of whatever group made them up. JOS is no better than an extremist Christian cult.

    • Well Luna I know this is an old post but I have come to know a couple of girls who have a grandfather that was a Jew, plus they have Asian ancestry. I won’t say who they are though, because even though they are pissed off at me for some things I said about their Nazi cult, I still care about them. One is so brainwashed that she insist that she is 100% Aryan. You can’t reason with these young people once they start to “worship” Hitler. The whole group makes me nauseous. On top of that they usually follow “White Christian Patriots” like the KKK. You’d do better with any LHP group than that bunch. It’s better to just read different authors and different traditions and educate yourself. I personally stay away from the Enki sites because I find the Zecharia Sitchin books complete nonsense. But I am sure you have found a place to study and socialize by now I just thought I’d comment.

  28. skuller says:

    the joy of satan ministry is fake as fuck. their whole thing is that before the bible satan was the nice happy loving god of rainbows and peace who had his image spit on by being called the cruel tormentor of evil in xian scripture and they bitch up a storm about how horrible it is to call satan evil but everyones definition of evil is something different. i have never in my life seen writing about the occult half as blasphemous as the god damn shit ive read on the jos forums. their leader maxine dietrich has all these complaints about how if yout not actively destroying “the enemy” you dont even have the right to call yourself a satanist then she goes “satan doesn’t condone anything illegal. casting curses is only to be done if someone kills your family.” WHAT?!
    all her god damn fake ass followers are full of hypocrisy and contradiction while they sit around making snide comments about just about every satanist to ever live because they sit around meditating to disneyland talking about how they all work for “father enki” and that their the only satanists in hundreds of years to ever dare do a single good thing for satan but they don’t work for satan they do absolutely nothing for satan whatsoever because their beliefs dont condone doing anything for satan but meditating and converting people and its actually against their beliefs to convert people but they all do it.. oh wait! i forgot about the time they saved the demon race by masturbating. wasnt that impressive. they really believe they saved the demon race by masturbating. more like “the joke of satan ministries”.

  29. skuller says:

    before the bible was wrote various cultures conducted worship of demons. all those cultures committed human sacrifice if you do your homework. the jos denies that that ever once happened. why the fuck would satan say “you burned a church i dont condone that!” they arr a ridicioulas blasphemy to satan in awkward ways they have proved to me time and time again that arr so udderly retarded i would cringe trying to type the bizarrr wacked shit ive heard their followers post on their own forums. i will give one example here. one of their followers made a forum post saying ” what demonic prayer should i do for my boobs to grow bigger?” and another follower says ” oh theres meditations for that”. i know its like a bad joke but this is real. theistic satanism is too sacred for the followers to dare write shit this retarded EVER and thr jos followers are constantly and endlessly posting stupid stuff like this. they kicked me from their ministry because someone posted that they are too weak to prick their finger for blood to make a blood contract so i told him to practice making cuts on his body until he gets used to it and they told me im banned because satan doesn’t condone self harm. obviously their message is that satan loves weak people if they would accept someone as weak as him while trying to dispose of my ability to guide satans newbies, and they all love to brag about how badly satan loves each and every one of them when he hates them all. theyre all getting attacked by entities in their rituals because satan fucking HATES them!!!! all they do is blaspheme him while screaming and begging him to make them his feeding vessels. they all try to copy maxine dietrich in every way possible their just standing on a maxine dietrich conveyor belt being printed off as another her i swear they copy every little thing she does they have no originality. they all boast about hitlers so great this and hitlers so great that and talk about being the true great aryans but they’re not aryans one of their high priests is a mexican they’re just extremely deluded morons who think their little cult is so very far above any and all people in the whole world. nazis are racist and usually christian.

    • chaosgarden says:

      Maxine is just a deluded, racist old woman married to a whackjob Nazi who isn’t even accepted by other Nazis. The whole site is worthless and the lot of them are sheep. Thankfully there are always people leaving because of the Nazi beliefs but most people still make the mistake of retaining the black vs white dichotomy. It’s all nonsense.

      • skuller says:

        well true nazism does go with white supremacy. ive watch a bunch of documentaries on new age nazi groups and studied on various groups of them and the jos are the only ones who dont embrace white supremacy even the groups who say they aren’t against every other race on earth but whites clearly are. ther is nothing wrong with being against jews. for any supposed satanist to be angry at the jos for hating jewish people they can just go suck a dick jews are naturally anti-satanic shitty people and i do credit the jos on their slander of the jewish people and their faiths. no satanists should stand for the jewish. i give the jos credit for that which they deserve snd slander them for polluting whats pure that they offer to the world with this father enki bullshit like they say that satan was never an angel but yet depict satan with a picture of an angel floating in the clouds. thats retarded. not everything is complete lies from them though like their writings on christianity being corrupt are actually quite accurate and informative. in christianities attempt to inform everyone that satans evil they have overexaggerated how evil he is and in the jos’s attemp to undo that damage they have way overexaggerated how unevil he is to the point of blasphemy.

      • chaosgarden says:

        The imperialism and murder (etc) by Christianity had more to do with politics than the religion itself. Religion is a tool, not a means to an end and anyone who hates people because they’re Jewish is ignorant. The JOS ignores a lot of history regarding the crusades, and its not like pagans didn’t do any of that because Rome did the same and worse to the places it conquered. Also, I find your use of the word blasphemy a bit curious. I assume you mean “disrespectful”.

  30. skuller says:

    to say that satan is against killing christians seems to be blasphemy. im just trying to think of what i could give them credit for but theres not much. jewish people just dont really worship the devil youll never really see full on jews worship him if one meets a true satanist thats jewish theres no reason to call them fake and hate them but the only jewish satanists probably only have traces of jew in their blood cuz those people tend to draw to xianity. there is just so many reasons for a real satanist to hate the jos and then i see all these people who act like their worst problem is racism and most of them only hate jews si its like wtf thats peoples big problem with them is racism? out of everything wrong with their organization i wouldn’t expect such hatred against them from other satanists for their views on jewish people. i used to believe race didn’t matter but it really does. people of different races have certain things inbred into who they are like black people tend to not be nearly as into worshipping satan as white people. all satanic music has been wrote by white people and all niggers can write music about is jesus and crack cocaine and big asses so obviously being from a different race has drastic effects on who you are and how you end up and most of society in america says that racism is a joke and that every race is exactly the same because their programmed to think with that mentality but if this was the 1920’s all these white anti-racism people would be very racist because thats what society said was right.

    • chaosgarden says:

      You mistake race for culture and you’re ignoring the influence society has on a category of people. A proper understanding of history gives one an interesting perspective but even this is hard because not all historians are objective. Anyways… 1. Judaism is not an ethnicity. You can be Semitic, or have middle eastern ancestry but it is not “Jewish”. Again, anyone who thinks this is ignorant. 2. There are many different ethnicities of people in Metal. I’ve listened to many good bands from Africa, Latin America, and Asia. You just have to look harder. 3. Your lack of understanding of black culture in America (more specifically how negative stereotypes are formed, and why they are disgustingly false) speaks volumes about you as a person. If If you continue to spout that racial nonsense , which most educated people reject as nonsense, your comments will be no longer welcome on this blog.

  31. mechanus says:

    Okay I have been reading your blog and I have to say I do agree with your view about jos. I was interested in them because of their spiritual information. But after reading several individuals (like yourself) who shed some light into who leads the jos. And after doing some deeper digging myself into what they really are, I have to say I am dissapointed to have found another empty cult.
    The part that never clicked with me while being part of the jos was the excessive hitler loving and antijew crap. Hitler was not a good individual and the nazi party however did have at its beginning somenormal individuals. At their start they never were an extremist political party, adolf however chose to impact more on those who were young and more easily influenced. Eventually the youth party was the one with the most strength and momentum meaning adolf would become the head of his party because hewas the one who led the nazi to victory politically. I would like to ask you however what would be good resources for someone like myself who used to be an agnostic but who has chosen to delve deeper into the energies and entities we can meet only through some form of preparation (like meditation and or rituals). And would you personally say that there is an entity out there willing to teach or share knowledge with us mortals? And one piece of doubt I do have, did any oftheir meditations actually work?

    • chaosgarden says:

      You hit the nail on the head about the Nazi stuff. To answer your first question: Ceremonial Magic, more specifically, in the tradition of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn. Try the Ritual Magic Manual and learn the basic rituals, practice for at least a year while studying the necessary accompanying subjects like Astrology, Tarot, and Kabalah. After committing to this for at least a year, you will have ample footing to do whatever you want in the occult. To answer your other questions: Yes, many. But you won’t meet them on a Ouija board or by simple chanting to Goetia sigis. I personally would avoid the JOS meditations at all costs, because they assume that “Satan” will protect you if something goes wrong. This is essentially telling an aspiring bodybuilder that they can eat happy meals all day hoping that a paper crown will prevent their bodies from deteriorating.

  32. Angry Woman says:

    This is what the JoS REALLY stands for, and hey JoS followers the Holocaust DID happen and it has been confirmed by PROPER SOLDIERS who rightly defeated the Nazis, etc.

    I feel sick by the sight of those babies being shot and I reckon that the woman behind the JoS will be sitting there laughing, but the best bit is that they will attack her, cos she is not Aryan herself.

  33. A JoS hater says:

    The Father Satan entity that this woman is talking about constantly is nothing more than a Egegore, in fact she is soul collecting to feed this entity and what I will do is do some great Hebrew magick to bind it LOL. Another thing to the JoS followers to think about, the so-called clergy may do a lot of research, etc but the info is all stolen from various other sources and the words are re-arranged in their own agenda! I know that this Ugly fat NON WHITE is working in a hospital kitchen in Tulsa, and someone is going to release all the photos of this Bitch. What has the White Power movement got to do with a NATIVE AMERICAN LOL, and another thing, she does not do her medidations or is capable in doing all that Yoga at al! Maxine Dietrich is full of lies and how can she live with the fact that kids are donating for her to pay her bill, groceries, etc!

  34. I embraced Satanism because it meant 1) Seeing the bible for what it is- a book of fables and myths that we say is THE WORD OF GOD. But it is not. It is man’s word about god, not God’s word about man. 2) To be responsible for your OWN Power and to increase it for your joy and entertainment. I too found fault with the JOS site but being individuals, you must know by now that no one will ever be in complete agreement with any site or person, we all ventrue off to our own private interpetations and thoughts that can only be KNOWN by us, for only we have the personal or private EXPERIENCES that make us feel or think that way. I don’t like the HATING of the Jews. How stupid and ignorant can you be, There is good and bad in all races and to say otherwise is to be a Hitler and a racist and a sly way of saying your group is Superior without saying it. This site is good and it does provide some references. It is fucked up not to mention Anton LaVey, the man that made ALL Satanic sites possible. I join these sites as a Black Jew and got BANNED from all of them. WHAT THE FUCK DO THEY EVEN KNOW ABOUT BLACK JEWS What assholes these people can be. I could go on, but my point is. I left this site also because of all the hate. And I know Maxine was an atheist before she started this and probably got so fucking lonely, for a lot of atheist live a very lonely life seeing how over 80% of the people in the world ‘believe’ in God or a god. And are not all these demons ‘creative imagings’, but again, using the child like power of ;belieivng’ making these things true for the person who WANTS to believe it? I get viciously mad and cast some nasty curses and spells on people who fucked with me for no reason but to harm or decrease my power or survival. Nothing happened at all. I might as well prayed to Jehovah to send bears to eat 80 kids for calling one of this prophets ‘bald’. Rationally speaking, this whole thing is a joke to me something to do because it is different and more rational then religion. But we may as well jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. I am now a TRANSCENDENTAL SATANIST. If you would like more info on this please let me know and I will contact you my email. Brewster, Author, Philosopher, Black American Jew.

    • chaosgarden says:

      I’ve mentioned LaVey on this site. I have contempt for the guy even if he made it possible. The JOS is a pile of shit, though I am not in any other Satanist group. Diane Vera is a much better site. Besides my Golden Dawn group is aeons better than any silly Satanist nonsense. Anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid or doesn’t know anything about ceremonial magic. Btw, it’s stupid to say “there is good and bad in all races” because people aren’t defined as people by their ancestry but rather by their culture, geographic area, and other non-genetic stuff. Which just goes to prove the point that the lot of LHP people are quite uneducated.

  35. Kai says:

    While I was reading this, I decided I have to agree that JoS isn’t the most reliable place for information. But I’m only 15, and don’t know where else to go… Can anyone help?

  36. vulpes_umbra says:

    Finally! I’ve found someone who feels the same way that I do. It seems so difficult for those first looking into Satanism and Luciferianism to find any other source than the Joy of Satan site. Upon joining the online group, I saw several individuals asking for guidance, advice, or just simple information on a topic and all that they can offer is “Just read the JOS website”. Well, they wouldn’t be asking for help if they could find it on the website. Secondly, there is just so much hate. Hating on love, ‘race blending’, other religions (not just Judeo-Christian religions)… It’s just so unappealing. Now that I’ve gotten older (I was 16 when I began exploring Satanism), I can say that I feel there should be another source for information pertaining to Satanism that isn’t so “My opinion is law so piss off”. I don’t know… But I do like the idea of a west coast meet up because I too live in Las Vegas.

  37. I just think you havent met the right people. I am a member of the JOS and have been for years. Thing is I too am sick of some of the attitudes of some members but what I can tell you is some of them are being more aggressive than they are naturally on there to show off and try to fit in and others have problems with self image. This has nothing to do with the validity of Satanism and I for years have tried to help out and spread Satanism.

    I have done a lot of research outside the JO’S in relation to the Jews and what the JO’S is saying can be more than confirmed if anything its much worse than anything that could be put into words. I am not at all a racist I have had black asian and native American friends. I also live in an area widely known for being extreme left wing. I see not a lot of contradictions with that and Satanism. The Jews however it is true also what Hitler was about is Satanic.

    The only problem I have with other sects of Satanism is they don’t have an answer to the Jewish problem and often are not into meditation either and spiritual warfare

    Outside of that im independent. If we could all work together on eradicating the Jew regardless of religious and racial differences that would be great then you are my friend.

    Even Maxine said you dont need to be a part of the JO’S to be Satanist

    Hail Satan

    • chaosgarden says:

      Your claim of the Jewish and Hitler claims on JOS websites being “confirmed” is dubious at best. Maxine is an uneducated fool who doesn’t know the first thing about how to properly research anything. If you want an academic analysis, I can ask my university history professor (who happens to be a holocaust scholar with multiple degrees) for sources. Also, your bit on “i’m not racist, I have black friends” is classic racist apologetics. Your anti-semitism is noted too and you are no longer welcome to comment on my blog.

  38. bob says:

    Some of the biggest issues is people like yourselves going back to Christianity and they’re pathetic ways you guys havent advanced your just. Whats the word. Oh DUMB!!

  39. Reblogged this on Hungarian Cultist Nazis and commented:
    Many thanks to chaosgarden for her information and insight.

  40. So that’s the Queen of Mean Maxine. I am laughing so hard right now. Fucking morons. I am soooo scared!

  41. XXX says:

    I personally find this Maxine extremely funny because she will never be excepted into a Neo Nazi organisation because she is in reality, a Native American. She is not mixed race and I know she is working in Tulsa under her maiden name and I (and some people) will be exposing her and other HPs too. Another thing I will say right now is this, and this is a message to that little runt from India calling himself RoadtoRevolution. Hitler had contempt for Indians and he was all for the British ruling India. Accd to Hilter, the British rule of India was seen as a great victory for the ‘Aryan’ race and I hate to say this to you, little runt from India – HITLER NEVER THINKS OF YOU OR ANYONE FROM INDIA AS AN ARYAN!!! I really, really hope that the JOS forum gets trolled to fuck!

  42. TruthTonn says:

    If one wants to do a Proper Protection Ritual, I will recommend The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagramm, and you will all know it is way more powerful than any of the rubbish spewed by the IdiotWoman. The IdiotWoman is a JOKE to all of us in the Internet, and soon, there will be new photos exposed of her soon because she deserves it. The reason why IdiotWoman hates the Jews soooooo much is because without the Jews, the Neo Nazis will target HER!!! I feel unclean and disgusted whenever I go into that JOS forum.
    I love to see that trolled to fuck!!!

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