Unpopular Opinions: Pt I – Origins

There are several reasons why I stopped identifying with Satanism. Mostly it has to do with the fact that I don’t identify with most Satanists to begin with. I’ve found that the large amount of Satanists and otherwise ‘Left Hand Path’ers’ have a significantly smaller comfort zone in their spirituality. Which is curious because, as I mentioned in an earlier post adressing the Joy Of Satan, I wholeheartedly believe that going outside of your comfort zone for the sake of growth and enlightenment to be fundamental to Satanism no matter your theology or lack thereof.

I’ve argued many of my points to people in Satanism to be met with “This is just what I believe. You can believe whatever you want.” Let it be known that I wholly reject this as a legitimate defense against scrutiny. Is Theistic Satanism being reduced to a bunch of pseudo-Pagans who only wish to find a comfortable little box to throw stones against Christianity and other Abrahamic faiths? Seems like it. \

Let’s review a little bit of history, shall we?

Anton LaVey chose Satanism, I’m assuming, because it would have gotten the most attention, while before he was just doing workshops on witchcraft. I’m also assuming that his fascination with the “darker side” came from his apparent obsession with war, and political power struggles. With the given “hippie culture” of the time CoS was created, he was likely disenchanted. As any hippie hater would do, he picked up Ayn Rand (who was likely gaining a large following at the time) and Redbeard. That explains where he got a large amount of his philosophy in his Satanic Bible.

The rest of it is cobbled together nonsense from half-ass, surface-deep research into a few different occult sources. To mention one source: His usage of Satan, Leviathan, Lucifer, and Belial as the four crowned princes comes directly from the Abramelin working. Of course, he used his small understanding of Isya Joseph’s book for the misalignment between devil-worship and the Yezidi people. If the Church Of Satan was originally intended to be atheistic as they often claim, then why would ASL have included people who supposedly worshiped a real devil? Seem suspicious to me.

According to his former publicist, he created the Church Of Satan in order to make money and become famous. It is entirely believable that he did not market the Satanic Bible to have a following. It was a pure marketing ploy to extract the most wealth out of controversy.

Anton LaVey, as is evident from his book, largely relied on a Christian interpretation of Satan and the devil. After all, he said in the Satanic Bible that Satan is the best friend the Church has ever had. Therefore, he was also relying on the interpretation of Satan as the boogeyman. That was his ticket to fame. He probably never intended it to be much of anything. I’m guessing he largely pulled his elaborations on everything out of his ass and the CoS has been going with it ever since. I’ve said elsewhere on this blog how I feel about ASL fanboys.

In the beginning, Satanism was never wholly intended to be, as I called it earlier, a pseudo-pagan religion. It was probably never intended to be much of anything at all. Alas, we find ourselves here today.

More soon…

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One Response to Unpopular Opinions: Pt I – Origins

  1. Greg Phillips says:

    I understand where you are coming from. I’m am a pantheistic Satanist and I have seen a lot of people who claim the same ideology not push the eclectic envelope and step outside of comfort zones. I have seen many have the same abrahamic hangers with Satanic clothes on them now. It’s an oxymoron to me. I have also seen people more obsessed with bashing the big 3 way more than self deification which to me is the main priority. Each person has their own way of expressing this path making no one was the way. I don’t have these hang ups yet I am deep in this in my own ways so there are some who have some higher philosophies

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