Sin City Satanism Hits It Big! Sort of… [8/15 Update]

I’ve been looking at some of the search terms that people have used in google to find my blog. Some are a bit unusual like “homoflexible theistic satanist”. Of course, there are also variations on ‘Satanism in Las Vegas’. Others, particularly the issues which I want to stress, are doing very well in the rankings! Here are a few relevant ones.

  • ‘Joy Of Satan exposed’ – Pg 1, #4 in rank
  • ‘Satan in sanskrit’ – Pg 1, #5 in rank
  • ‘Satanist’ – No longer in the first three pages
  • ‘Ancient Satanism’ – Pg 3, #3 in rank
  • ‘The Al Jilwah’ – Pg 2, #1 & 2 in rank
  • ‘Satanism predates Christianity’ – Pg 1, #5
  • ‘Al Jilwah’ – Pg 2, #2 & 3 in rank
  • Joy Of Satan’ – Pg 1, #4


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2 Responses to Sin City Satanism Hits It Big! Sort of… [8/15 Update]

  1. I honestly say the Joy of Satan is defunct “internet only” to discover real satanism read my blog at questions contact me anytime I practice Real Satanism not hate speech or false doctrines.

    • chaosgarden says:

      I’d question you to define “real” Satanism, since I’ve seen some questionable things (facts and behavior) on your end Tom. My best advice to people is to remain skeptical no matter what and to always look for new/contrasting evidence. Nothing should be 100% sure unless backed by sound scientific/academic evidence. Of course I would also advise people not to fall into cults of personality.

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