Farewell Satanist Blogosphere

It has been a long time since posting to this site. I am now an Anthropology honor’s student at a university in the southwest United States. I plan to transfer to another university in the state in about a year and a half to double major in Religious Studies as well. Beyond that, I plan to apply to a private graduate university to specialize in ‘Critical and Comparative Scriptures’. I don’t consider myself a Satanist anymore, and have little interest in the “LHP” perspective. It’s all stale to me.

This entry serves to let any visitors know that I do not plan on posting to this blog anymore, though I will keep the entries up. I just hope visitors will recognize that quite a few of the opinions and views described on this blog no longer apply to me. Though, I still roll my eyes at JoS and anyone else who believes in the nonsense I have written about in regard to their teachings. This includes the posts on the Al Jilwah, “Ancient Satanism”, and the two posts on the Lesser Key & it’s origins. I am, after all, an anthropology student, and that’s what anthropologists do – dig until they can more wholly comprehend the how’s and why’s of human beliefs and culture. Perhaps I will expand upon this stuff further in the future.

To any of the JoS people who have wished for my blog’s closure because it criticizes their organization I will say this:

Your organization means nothing to me. Any curses which you might be capable of have no effect on me. My personal success keeps growing as the years pass and I am happier now than I have ever been. My future is infinitely bright.
Poor Maxine will never be happy. I feel sorry for her children, who have to endure her abuse and indoctrination. The last I knew of them, they were living in abject poverty. I view it as an appropriate example of where their beliefs have gotten them. Andrea and her husband will die with nothing to show for themselves.

For now, I will leave it at that.

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