About Me/The Blog

[Update – 11/14]

The name’s Allison. Don’t wear it out, babe.

My basic occult bio goes something like this: I’m a 23 year old female living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am an initiate in the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn tradition. Currently, I am in the 0=0 (neophyte) grade. Of course, this does not completely limit my abilities as a magician. I also have performed Enochian and talismanic magic as well. I’ve been a Satanist since 2008 (roughly), and a (Poly)Theistic Satanist since 2009.  I am, more or less, just a general LHP rather than explicitly a Satanist. I’m also a Chaote.  and run a fairly active group on Facebook called Chaote Theory and Perspective which houses several semi-famous occult authors [Defunct]. I have a tumblr blog for sigil magick. I explore many different types of magickal/spiritual systems and methods. My personal spiritual beliefs are quite diverse and can change as I learn. Thus is my nature, and is pretty much what I strive for as a Chaote.

I’m of a left-wing political ideology. I identify as “homoflexible”. Generally, I’m a amicable person who has several different types of friends. In person, I can be shy to those who I don’t know and I’m a better writer than I am a speaker. As long as you’re not a completely arrogant jerk, we can get along.

This blog’s aim is to expose the lack of academic integrity in Satanism and Occult in general and promote religious tolerance for the sake of diversity and growth. I haven’t seen anyone being held accountable in any notable or consistent way, so that’s my job here.


11 Responses to About Me/The Blog

  1. Oscar says:

    Interesting blog and perspective, drop me a line. 93/93/93?

  2. Alisha says:

    Hi, I came across your blog about JOS and read this page-any chance we could exchange emails and chat? jali29 (at) rocketmail dot com

  3. Alisha says:

    I can’t find you on facebook, the like just gives a post about the page, not your direct link

  4. Alisha says:

    I can’t message if you wont give it out lol how can I commit or message if I can’t find it and you’re not willing to give it out? The links here on this-just allow us to make a post on our timeline of the website, not a link to you.

    • chaosgarden says:

      I’m not stupid and hopefully neither are you. Go onto Facebook and type in ‘sin city satanist’ or follow the link on the front page of my blog for the fan page I set up for the blog. Message my page there or you’re out of luck, kid.

  5. Hmm. What we have here is just some liberal retard who acts as a mere antagonist. Are you the law? You go around and bitching about other organizations because you think that they need to be held accountable for some hypothetical crime that was deemed a crime by you? Then, you do it all by computer screen because you are too big of a yellowbelly to make a difference any other way. S(ince you probably have some sort of problem with interpersonal communication.) How about you turn your computer off and stop cursing the world with some confused re-actionist’s blog.

    • chaosgarden says:

      LOL. Another JOS kid. Welcome to my blog. I think it’s funny that, since you guys can’t ever refute my blogs intelligently, you have to resort to name-calling and ad hominem attacks. You’re not impressive in any way with your schoolyard antics. Keep crying, boy. You’re only making JOS adherents look like immature extremists, not completely unlike those Christian extremists that you say you hate so much. Also, feel free to keep commenting and drawing other JOS people (and others) to my blog! The more people visit, the better the rankings on google. Hopefully the info here will help some people leave your cult. Have a nice day.

  6. You have not been able too succesfuly disprove that the word,deity and name Shaytan or Shaitan as a key mythological chronologic explicative of the Bible’s Satan, who mirrors the story (fall from paradise) almost literally..What is wrong with worshipping Malek Taus in personal occult ritual

    • chaosgarden says:

      If you want to worship Melek Taus, then you’re more than welcome to as long as you realize that it has no connections with Satan who, no matter how much you want to deny it *is* from biblical literature. I didn’t address the Arabic “shaitan”, but I don’t need to because Islam takes just as much mythology from Judaism as Christianity does.

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